Trenny and C are two light hearted guys who really love Whisky.....they also really love Whiskey.

Both are born, raised and reside in British Columbia Canada.  Although B.C. may not be the mecca of whisky, it's long, cold, wet winters have given them plenty of reason to drink the amber liquid.  Time and practise have polished their palate and sharpened their knowledge.

For years they loved watching whisky review videos but always found a little something was missing.  That little something was them!

So they decided to do their own videos about whisky. 

Their theme song says it all....

"Trenny and C drinking whisky, describing all the flavours for you and me.  Irish, Scotch, Bourbon and Rye, if they like a bottle they'll tell you why!"

“Why drink a glass when you can drink a bottle" - Trenny

"We tell it how we taste it!" - C

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